KBC lottery winner 2022 25 lakh list today Airtel check Airtel winners

Hello, dear lovers of KBC (Kaun Banega crorepati), airtel welcomes you to KBC lottery winner 2022 25 lakh list today airtel.

It is an airtel sim card lottery in which airtel number can win 2500000 rupees by KBC.

If you have a Vodafone SIM card and want to check your name in Vodafone Lottery Winners, then click on lottery winner Vodafone.

Airtel KBC lucky draw 2022 introduction:

As you know that KBC is connected with all INDIA sim card; similarly, KBC introduced the Airtel sim card lottery. KBC connects with airtel company and gets a lucky draw on it. Airtel company gives 5000 numbers to KBC after every 10 days. In which lucky draw competition is conducted, out of which 10 numbers win ₹ 2500000.

KBC lottery winner 2022 25 lakh list today Airtel:

Data Coming on 1 January 2022

Kaun Banega crorepati ab KBC ni airtel dega 25 lakh rupe Kaise aaie jaanate hain.

Specht Aksharon main baat kee Jae to yah sim card Lucky draw corporation hai jisamen KBC airtel company ke Saath Connect hai airtel company har maheene KBC ko 5000 sim card numbers ka Data detee hai jisamen Computer jee 5000 nambar mein se 10 nambar ko select karate hain aur in 10 nambaron ko call karaoke KBC ka dvaara 2500000 rupe die jaate hain.

yadi aap KBC ke baare mein adhik jaanakaaree chaahate hain ya aapako kisee baat kee samajh nahin aa rahi hi tu ap KBC customer cear nambar par hamaare pratinidhi se sampark kar sakate hain. dhanyavaad !

KBC Lottery Online check krni ka liya neeche die gae boxs mein apana Lottery number or Mobile number enter karen:

Arial KBC Lottery head office:

airtel KBC lottery head office is on Maharashtra bandh Gali KBC office flor no 2. You can also get information about your lottery by visiting our office directly. If you want to get a lottery in your bank account sitting at home, you can call our KBC head office number and get your lottery prize cashed. KBC Whatsapp number is +917411519535

Arial KBC Lottery 2022

Airtel KBC lottery winner 2022:

Airtel 25 Lakh Lottery Winners 2022 List Updated Regularly Every 10 Days. That’s why stay connected with KBC. You will get all the information about KBC on our side. And keep in mind one thing that when you are given a lottery, it is taxed at one percent, which you have to pay to your bank. When you pay the tax to your bank, your lottery amount is automatically transferred to the same bank account that you have given by calling a KBC representative. 1% tax is given to the government to transfer your lottery to your bank account without any hassle, and you have no problem later.

Out of this tax you pay, even ₹ 1 does not go to KBC. All this tax is sent to the Government of India through your bank. Somewhere people don’t do it on tax and say that you deduct tax from our lottery, but we can’t do it, then probably it would be saying that KBC is taking money, but it is not like that, you give this tax to the government. It is through your bank because it is the role of the government, so you have to pay first, after that you have ₹ 2500000 deposit in your bank account. So please do your taxes and get your lottery thanks.

Airtel Lottery guide:

  • If you need any information about your SIM card or lottery, you can contact KBC by visiting our website.
  • You will get any information or news related to Kaun Banega Crorepati here.

KBC lottery registration:

  1. You do not need any registration to join the airtel lottery. Yes, but there are some tips by which you can join the lottery.
  2. You recharge your sim card as much as possible. So that your sim card is updated in the airtel database all the time
  3. you call at least 100 times a day. In this, it does not matter who you are calling. Even if you call the same person 100 times, it does not matter.
  4. Know that you can join the lottery by following these tips, but it’s not a hundred percent chance, you can win by not following them many times, you can follow them by reading this is tips KBC, but it is not a hundred percent Is. It all depends on the Airtel company, which data they give to KBC., so please don’t take it seriously. But if you follow the rules, your chances of winning increase by 60%.

KBC fraud in India, so please be careful:

You have got a call from some unknown number, and he is telling you that you have become a winner of 2500000 rupees, then please do not trust that person. Many Indians are being cheated from Pakistani numbers; fraudsters will lure you 2500000 rupees and cheat you and steal money, so if you ever get a call from a +92 number on WhatsApp, please don’t pick it up and block it. KBC informs the winners about their lottery by direct calling on their number. KBC does not call any winner on WhatsApp. First, the winner is told through SMS that he has won Rs.2500000. Answer no response from the winner. If he does not come, then KBC calls his mobile number. This call is made from the KBC head office and not from WhatsApp. So if you ever get a call from WhatsApp, block it immediately.

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