Is KBC Lottery True? Does KBC Give 25 Lakh? How To Avoid KBC Scams?


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Is KBC Lottery True? Does KBC Give 25 Lakh?

Is KBC Lottery True? Yes, KBC gives Rs 25 lakhs rupees to the winners, but it has some trams & conditions that apply to the winners.

How did Winners Get Their Prize?

The winner will call our officer on KBC WhatsApp Helpline. You have to call from the same number on which your lottery is placed or have received lottery SMS; then, our officer will check your lottery whether your lottery is correct or not. After that, you will check your lottery online on our website. After checking the online lottery, you will call our office and not disconnect the Call until your money is in your bank account. Your Call will be recorded in Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC officer will deposited money in your bank accounts. When you receive your lottery, you will tell us that yes, I have received the lottery. After this, your Call will be forwarded to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. You will be able to talk to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for 5 minutes, after which your Call will be disconnected.

How Do Scammers Get Your Number And Cheat On You?

Fraudsters visit our website Because we Put our winner’s list on our website, and this list includes the winner’s mobile numbers and their lottery numbers. Scammers pick up your number from our website and call you on WhatsApp fraudsters who have your lottery number and your mobile number. They make you visit our website. On our website, they check your lottery online. You guys also visit our website but do not read it. Just check your lottery online and leave. When the fraudster cheats on you, then you read our website and call our head office. In this, the company is not responsible for anything. We can’t even give you your lottery because you have given all your bank account details and everything to the fraudster, due to which your bank account has to be closed because of which we cannot put your lottery in your account, and all your money goes into charity funds. If you have good luck and you immediately come to our website and call the head office, our officer calls the bank at the same time, and your payment goes into hold, and your payment will be refunded in 24 hours.

Have You Won The KBC Lottery? Wait, It Could Be A Scam:

Is KBC Lottery True? If you receive a call on WhatsApp or receive any WhatsApp message From an unknown number and that person tells you that you have won 2500000 rupees From KBC department specifically, call are receives from these numbers 0092 +92 So know that there is a fake call that the person is cheating on you trying to collect money from you. Immediately call our KBC head office number +917411519535. You know that KBC does not make WhatsApp calls and does not send any SMS to the telegram, Facebook, Viber, IMO, Instagram, YouTube, or any social media to anyone you won 2500000. KBC only sends SMS to the winner on his mobile number. And the KBC’s original SMS was not done with any Indian or Pakistani number. So there is no number in this SMS, but the name of KBC has been given on it, or will there be a five-digit code on it.

KBC Fake checks?

KBC fake lottery check please be careful form KBC fake 25 lakh lottery checks this type of all check are fake so don’t believe on it and don’t give move to any fake presents.

How Does The KBC Lottery Winner Contact The KBC Head Office?

There is an easy way to contacting in KBC Head Office. You can contact our KBC Head Office by clicking on the below WhatsApp button. On clicking any button, you will get the number. If for some reason, the button is not working, then our contact number is +917411519535.

How Does The KBC Lottery Winner Contact The KBC Head Office?

There is an easy way to contacting in KBC Head Office. You can contact our KBC Head Office by clicking on the below WhatsApp button. On clicking any button, you will get the number. If for some reason, the button is not working, then our contact number is +917411519535.

Why Did KBC Launch Its Official Website?

To protect our beloved and avoid scams, we decided to start the website.

How To Contact With KBC Help Team?

To Call in KBC. Follow These Simple Steps. First, dial 0091 or +91, Then add 7411519535 Save This Number into your mobile number Then go to WhatsApp and Call us For Example, +917411519535.

What Is KBC Helpline Number?

KBC WhatsApp helpline number is +917411519535. If you want to contact our KBC officer, just come to the KBC official site click on the WhatsApp icon; your call connects to the headquarter.

What Are The KBC Phone Line And WhatsApp Number?

KBC’s phone line is +447745262500 ; this number is for overseas Indians, and our WhatsApp number for India’s is +917411519535, and the KBC helpline number for Maharashtra Pune is +918601253617.

How To Participate In KBC 2021?

Any Indian citizen who is above 18 years of age and having an Aadhar card can fit in the KBC and win cash prizes. Overseas Indians are additionally motivated to register themselves in the KBC India game show. They are invited and welcomed to Play KBC and participate in the KBC upcoming seasons and win.

How To Join KBC Lottery Winners?

To join the KBC lottery and win ₹2500000 rupees, you will receive a registered lottery number on your mobile number that you use for one month; you have WhatsApp on that number. You can regularly visit our KBC official website To stay updated in KBC.

KBC Official Website 2021 Registration?

To Register for ₹2500000 lucky draw Call our representative to register in the KBC lottery; he will guide you and register you in the lottery.

How Can I Check My KBC Lottery?

Come to the KBC lottery check page; in the 1st box, enter your Lottery, then 2nd box, enter your Number. Click on check your KBC lottery to check your lottery.

Is Jio Giving 25 Lakh Lottery Tickets?

No, Jio did not give any lottery. KBC provides the lottery. Mister Amitabh Bachchan gave the lottery.

Is There Any KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw?

Not WhatsApp Lucky Draw KBC will compete on 5000 numbers, and 3 are winners.

How Will The Winners Know That They Have Won The Lottery?

We tell via SMS on the mobile number of the winner that he has won the lottery, And we also publish the winners list on our KBC website. The winner lists include the winner’s mobile number and their KBC lottery number. If the winner does not respond within ten days, we run the winner number on Sony TV for two days; if the winner does not respond again, we will cancel his lottery and give all the money to the charity fund.

How KBC Draws Lucky draw India Sim Card?

KBC Draws a lucky draw on 5000 numbers, out of which 15 are winners. Three winners win the first Prize, five winners win the second Prize, and seven winners win the Third Prize.

KBC Prizes?

  • KBC’s first Prize is 25,00,000 indian rupees.
  • KBC second Prize is 15,00,000 rupees.
  • KBC third Prize is 4,50,000 rupees.

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