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KBC Helpline Number +19188886064. That’s activated for 12 hours per day. Airtel or any sim card subscribers can call this number to listen to the answers to all questions posed in KBC ever since it launched on Sony TV.

(Just 12 hours a day 9.00 am to 9.00pm, any other time it doesn’t work)

kbc helpline number +19188886064

By contacting this number +19188886064, you can get directly to the Customer Support Team. Apart from this number, you cannot reach any other number in KBC Head Office. It is the main number of Kaun Banega Crorepati; all other numbers and websites are fake. KBC has two offices, one in Delhi and one in Mumbai. The main office of Kaun Banega Crorepati is in New Delhi. And the support office is in Mumbai.

    ( KBC ) Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian television game show where contestants win a maximum sum of money by correctly answering twelve successive multiple-choice questions. It is the first version of the globally franchised Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? TV format created by British production company Celador International.

The title of the show itself is the Hindi translation of a quote from the English-language film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), which became a classic only after its release.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan hosts the show.

KBC was first aired on Sony TV in 2000.

Call in KBC office

call in kbc office the helpline number of kbc

To call the KBC office, dial +19188886064


9.00 am to 9.00 pm

You will hear instructions on how to report KBC lottery fraud.

If you are calling after hours, You can leave a voicemail with your name and phone number. You can be reached during regular business hours Monday to Saturday 9:00 am-9:00 pm. Our representative will return your call within 12-24 hours.

You submit your questions to us, and we will send the answers to your questions in your email. You can also contact WhatsApp for this, and all your questions will also be answered on WhatsApp.

submit your query here: https://www.kaunbanegacrorepati.org/contact/

KBC head office number Mumbai for Lottery call: +19188886064

kbc head office number mumbai

Mumbai’s WhatsApp number is +19188886064. You can register your complaints if any fraud has happened with you, your friends and family, or your relatives. If you receive any phone calls or messages of 25 lakh prize, immediately call our official complaint center in Mumbai.

Mumbai has the main data protection to protect your information and the data you give to the fraudster. Your protection is our 1st priority. Our officer is sitting in the office 24/7 to guide you and protect you from counterfeiters.

KBC Customer care number:

To support the KBC contact number, you have to dial the support KBC toll-free number +19188886064 from your mobile phone, landline, WhatsApp or another device.


In case of issues related to the lottery, bank transfer of your lottery amount, and Fake calls complaints, you can call on KBC customer care for contact no +19188886064 or email support@kbcprizewinner.com.

KBC Head Office Delhi

kbc head office delhi

If you win the KBC lottery and want to get information about it or cash your lottery in your bank account, you must call the Delhi office. And the Customer Support Team number of Delhi is +19188885535. You cannot register any complaint in KBC Head Office Delhi.

Real KBC lottery head office:

The number to call in the KBC lottery for this week’s results: +19188886064.

You can also check out www.kaunbanegacrorepati.org.

KBC lottery number:


KBC lottery results January 20 2023

Lucky numbers: 7,8,14,23 – bonus 18.

Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Gagana Arora+91727****94625,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Sadhil Yadav+91924****28925,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Haina Kumari+91683****01125,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Vivek Singh+91779****74625,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Jagan Chand+91878****44025,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Daniya Singh+91687****77125,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Maahesh Kumar+91654****98725,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Haina Kumari+91769****12225,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Obuli Ram+91877****10325,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
BHAVNA CHOPRA+91783****85725,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
TUBA NAFEES+91739****70425,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
SHAMSHER BAHADUR+91955****95325,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
DEEPKA KUMARI+91929****17625,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
AMARDEEP SINGH+91763****64025,00,000

Winning numbers: 1,10,27,22 – bonus 12.

Name# Lucky numbers Amount
SHIVANI SING+91844****32925,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
DIPTI SEN+91850****25325,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
ANJALI SAXENA+91776****87025,00,000
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
Name# Lucky numbers Amount
AARTI SURAJ VAID+91702****69325,00,000

KBC 25 lakh lottery in which 25 lakh rupees are given to the winners to help in this corona pandemic. That’s the chance that only KBC will be providing you. We send messages to the winners on his mobile number that he has won Rs 25 lakh rupees. This +19188886064 is the number of KBC head office Kolkata on which the winner gets his 25 lakh cash amount in their account.

Please be careful with fake numbers Like 00923 or +923. India’s sim numbers start with +91, and Pakistani numbers start with +92, so this will fraud you and get money cut that calls and report to your nearest KBC office.

KBC office address:

Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, INDIA

Tel.: +19188886064 E-mail: support@kbcprizewinner.com KBC official website: www.kaunbanegacrorepati.org

For other information about KBC or any further assistance, please visit the nearest KBC branch office or call the customer service line at 91-00 (Monday to Saturday 09.00 am – 09.00 pm)

KBC Jio lottery winner: 

Ashok Kumar Mehra won 10 crores rupees after he purchased a Jio lottery ticket from the online website kaunbanegacrorepati.org.

Ashok was surprised when he saw his name in the list of winners published in newspapers and claimed his prize of 10 crores rupees from the office of the Jio lottery.

KBC Winner – Ashok Kumar Mehra – A man from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, was declared a winner of Rs 10 crore in the most significant Indian telecom company Reliance Jio’s online KBC lucky draw on March 19th, 2021.

KBC lottery winner 2023:

Let’s see the KBC lottery winner 2023 of this month’s.



ESHIKA won 25 lakh rupees on 01/01/2023 in the no.36 draw held at KBC

SAIRA won 25 lakh rupees on 01/01/2023 in the no.107 draw held at KBC

The KBC corporation Kbc lottery KAREN MUGO is the one lucky winner with this month’s draw.

KAREN MUGO said after checking her lottery numbers on Saturday morning, “I’m so excited that I have won 2500000 rupees. More

Our services and policies:

KBC Services And Policies

KBC provides you with many services like online lottery check on 5000 sim card lucky draw winners list WhatsApp contact number to contact our manager send you digital payments in your bank accounts. Real-time support for your safety insurance on your lottery easily to us app everything free our policy and service transfer your winning prize into your account.

Why did KBC reject your complaint?

Because you call us on our branch and complain about us, people say that KBC will cheat you and ask that you give my money back basically that people will agent our policies then we cancel your calls.

That is the floor where participants will participate in the game show, and his proformas and luck give him a chance to win big money. When you insult us, then Our representative will cut off your call.

All Indians have many issues, but the main problem is they are so innocent and straightforward. Scammers are big liars.

You will no inquiry no search share your details like your building, or street address your Adhar card your business information to the unknown person and then are simple scheme with you and party when you deposit in a schemer account.

When He blocks you, you go to the browser and search about the KBC Official website calling us. That is your responsibility to verify the person is contacting you is real or fake. Then give you a prize or you sending money to schemers account.

In May 2021, sachems complaints chart is touch 87% out of 100. Your care is on your hand they are giving you an offer of millionaire you win 25,00,000 rupees please don’t believe in it. Schemers have tracked you like PUBG game you have no idea what will happen to you, and they park you on the road. You are not eligible to make a complaint to the KBC company. All Indians will be KBC focus on the goal of life.

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