KBC Lottery Scam: You received a call saying you have won Rs25 lakh. Wait, it’s actually a fraud.

The KBC lottery scam was made public on April 11, when police in Mumbai arrested two men for cheating people. They were identified as Sameer Ansari and Aniket Singh, both residents of Nagrakata. The scammers would call their victims and send audio clips to convince them that they had won the prize of Rs 25 lakh from the KBC lottery. Also, they sent videos with vast sums of cash. Despite this, they failed to pay off their fees and return their winnings.

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A lot of people have been tricked by the supposed groups. Some have tricked relatives and friends by pretending to belong to the KBC. They have a great chance of convincing individuals to give them money or telling them that their lottery winnings have been won. However, you must be cautious when dealing with them and not give any personal information to them.

KBC Lottery Frauds

How to report and block fraudsters
How to report and block fraudsters

The KBC lottery scam is one of the most familiar lottery scams in the country. A fake message sent on WhatsApp promises to pay the victim a massive sum of money. The messages are fake and are not real. They are created to trick people into providing the details of their bank accounts to fraudsters. Instead, they are a scam that can cost you your money. Ultimately, you will lose your hard-earned cash and end up with a ruined life.

How do Frauds cheat you?

Some of the fake lottery messages can appear on WhatsApp. A resident of Malad in Mumbai was duped into believing that she had won the lottery by opening a bogus message from a scammer. The fake lottery message promised her a payout of Rs 25 lakh. She received an audio message from the bogus KBC and a poster message with pictures of Amitabh Bachchan, PM Narendra Modi, and RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani.

The scam has been making its rounds in India through the WhatsApp messaging app. The victim in April went to the cybercrime police station in the city. An investigation was filed. The incident occurred after Raza had paid processing fees to the fraudster. The victim was a resident of Manesar and was told to claim the money from the KBC lottery. He said the caller had told him he’d won a lottery and asked him to process the amount by sending him a mobile number.

Pratap Barik’s suicide was a result of the KBC lottery scam. He received a fake lottery SMS that he had won the KBC lottery and had to spend his money to collect his prize by the name of a processing fee. Barik doesn’t know that this scam is happening to him. He was deceived into believing he was the winner of the lottery. In fact, by using the name of Rana Pratap Singh, scammers had received Rs 1175,000. In a suicide letter to Barik, he claimed to have won the money, but in reality, he had already been duped out of his hard-earned cash.