KBC WhatsApp lottery winner list 2022 WhatsApp 25 Lakhs Lucky Draw

Dear viewers welcome to the KBC WhatsApp lottery 2022. Here we are announcing the 2022 KBC WhatsApp lottery winners list. We will share some additional information with you before we announce the list of winners. KBC WhatsApp Lottery is powered by KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) For our dear Indians. Now you don’t need to read in the hassle of a lottery ticket because you don’t need any kind of lottery ticket to join the KBC WhatsApp lottery. WhatsApp has now launched a single form as the KBC sim is linked to all the companies in the network. When you buy a new SIM and create WhatsApp on it, your number is automatically linked in the KBC WhatsApp lottery. After winning you just have to call our KBC Head Office WhatsApp number and your lottery is transferred to your bank account without any hassle. KBC head office number +917411519535. WhatsApp has an important role in the WhatsApp lottery 2022. WhatsApp gives the data of numbers to KBC, on which further KBC lucky draw takes place and the numbers which are the winner are given amount 25 lakh lottery.

Do you want to be the next winner of the KBC WhatsApp lottery in 2022 or want to participate in KBC? So join the KBC 25 Lakh WhatsApp Lottery Program today and Check WhatsApp Number Winner List Now.

Here Check the KBC WhatsApp lottery winners list 2022.

Head officesMobile numbers
KBC WhatsApp numbers+917411519535
KBC head office number+447745262500

Be careful fake WhatsApp lottery SMS:

Dear customer, please Be Careful about KBC News, Websites, and fake calls. All Websites On KBC Name Are Fake, Do not share your Bank Account login ID, Password, PIN, or OTP with anyone, not even with bank officials. Please Don’t Share Your Debit Card Information To Any Person. Thanks!

This is a sim card lucky draw and is conducted every month with the help of Amitabh Bachchan Mukesh Ambani & Pm. Narendra Modi

Check KBC lottery online:

KBC official website 25 lakh lotteryKBC jio lottery winner

KBC lottery winner 2021 list:

All Lottery winners number last 4 digits hide for Privacy and Security reasons.

KBC whatsapp lottery winner Vijay Kumar
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Vijay Kumar25 Lakhs+91770790—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner bhavin
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Bhavin25 Lakhs+91659822—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner adweta
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Adweta 25 Lakhs +91861284—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner chaaya
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Chaaya 25 Lakhs +91889733—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner diya
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Diya 25 Lakhs +91772529—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner gauransh
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Gauransh 25 Lakhs +91773720—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner ishaan
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Ishaan 25 Lakhs +91920127—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner eta
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Eta 25 Lakhs +91773898—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner hema
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Hema 25 Lakhs +91866083—-
KBC whatsapp lottery winner ivaan
Name#Winning amountMobile Number
Ivaan 25 Lakhs +91684478—-

Participants in the KBC lottery:

All lottery ticket amounts are sent directly to your bank account by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

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  1. why7 are sir i am not finding out my lattery number find out here… my name is mr. prabhakar vyas..
    lottery number is 8991
    mobile number is this 843*****65 ……………. which problam is reprasent here sir……..

    • Hi sir we will check your lottery number and mobile number that you are not the winner of 25 lakh lottery please read our article we discuss about KBC lottery fraud in India. So that call or sms you receive are fake.


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