KBC Official Website 25 Lakh Lottery Lucky Draw Prize Winners List 2021

kbc official website 25 lakh lottery

Hi, Welcome to the KBC official website 25 lakh lottery. KBC is called Kaun Banega Crorepati. It is India’s most favorite television game show. Every Indian Knows about Kaun Banega Crorepati, so KBC does not need any Compliments.

So we will not discuss about KBC. In this article, the topic we will discuss about is about KBC’s official website, KBC frauds, and KBC 25 lakh lottery.

So we end the introduction and start the topic of the KBC official website.

KBC official website:

KBC official website

Kaun Banega crorepati made is its official website. On Kbc’s official website, you will check your lottery online and Avoid Fraud, online registration for KBC sessions, checking the KBC lottery winners list, stopping KBC scams, and contacting KBC supervisors and representatives.

KBC Official website 25 lakh lottery:

KBC official website lottery of 25 lakh

KBC 25 lakh lottery has been established to help poor people. In this corona pandemic (Covid-19). According to a Business-standard report, the COVID-19 pandemic and these lockdowns pushed 23 crore Indians into poverty. In view of these circumstances, the KBC took a stand and introduced the KBC Official website 25 lakh lottery.

A lucky draw is conducted on 5000 sim cards, out of which some numbers win ₹25 lakh Indian rupees (INR). The actual lottery prize money of KBC is Rs 25 lakh. If you don’t know how to check the KBC lottery or get any information, please contact KBC representatives. KBC lottery prize money is sent directly to the bank account, so winners need not worry.

It would be best if you took advantage of this opportunity to achieve your goals. No extra effort is required to win the 2.5 million Jackpot. It all depends on your luck. If you need to confirm the correct KBC lottery winner list, call on the Jio KBC WhatsApp contact number +917411519535.

Your KBC Lottery Number check Online Here:

Do you receive WhatsApp messages through KBC and your name is not in the lottery winners list? You want to check whether your lottery is real or fake. So don’t worry there are two boxes below: enter your mobile number and your lottery number and check your lottery online. It is linked with the winners database.

KBC Helpline Number List:

KBC helpline numbers list
SNKBC Head OfficeNumbers
1For Lottery Inquiry & KBC winners+917411519535
2To Register Fraud complaint
3All India Phone Number Maharashtra+447745262500

If you want to read our article of KBC helpline number or KBC customer care number then click on it.

KBC Customer support Email address

1[email protected]
2[email protected]

KBC official website 25 lakh lottery fraud:

KBC official website 25 lakh lottery fraud
All websites or blogs made on the KBC lottery are fake. They are just showing the identity of KBC.
WhatsApp button

KBC Fake Call & Fake Messages:

Dear Visitors, Those who receive a call from an unknown number or person inform you that you are the KBC winner and you also win ₹25 lakh rupees and ask you to visit any website. So please ignore it all the time. Nowadays, scammers are playing with innocent people.

So, for those who get any name through these Pakistani numbers like 00923 or +923. So most of this information, calls, or messages are ignored. KBC has only one KBC helpline number, which is 00917411519535. So, name us on KBC head office numbers for those who get any fraudulent names about the KBC lottery winner.Staff at the KBC are trying to stop these fake calls and Save Indians from those schemes.

The 4 Warning Signs Of KBC Fraud:

Four Warning Signs Of KBC Fraud
  1. Be careful form KBC fake call KBC does not call any winner (especially on WhatsApp)
  2. Fraudsters will call on your WhatsApp and tell you that you are a winner of ₹25 lakh rupees. You will not check your lottery.
  3. Cheater calls you on your WhatsApp number.
  4. The fraudulent WhatsApp number starts with +923 (this is the Pakistani number code).

So now how you can save Yourself From these KBC frauds:

KBC official website how you can save yourself from KBC frauds

Seeing the popularity of KBC, the people of Pakistan started cheating on a large scale with the people of India. They are using the identity of the KBC to fool innocent people.

The website of KBC is a complete platform for obtaining any data related to the KBC game show. KBC has no separate blog or website. Every KBC lover knows that we have only one website.

First check domain name

Check the website name; if its name starts with KBC, then that website is fake. Because KBC is not a real name, the actual name is Kaun Banega Crorepati.

All the other domain names, which are from the name of KBC, all those websites are fake. Would you please pay attention to them? Save yourself from KBC fraud and save others too.

How to Complaint In KBC for 25 lakh lottery fraud. How We Help You Get Your Money Back:

Complaint in KBC head office
  1. Beware of fake messages and calls in June & July 2021. KBC complaints management team received 3k+ complaints last month. There are many fake websites names on google, bing, and they are using the only representation of KBC. KBC’s complete form is Kaun Banega crorepati, so please see the website name first.
  2. If you pay a fraudster, call on the KBC number and ask the KBC representative to file a complaint, executives will get some information from you. You get your money back if you contact us immediately. Sorry if you are calling after 1 or 2 hours, we can’t help you refund
  3. If you harass a KBC officer by repeatedly calling and not sharing your details with the representative, we will reject your Complaint.
  4. KBC customers’ care services are available 24/7 to help Indians.

Instructions For KBC official website 25 lakh Lottery Winners:

Instructions For KBC official website 25 lakh Lottery Winners
  1. You can collect any info related to your number.
  2. Keep your prize info with you for safety causes. Then, you can call us for more details about lottery money.
  3. If you promote your lottery, the corporate won’t assist you as anybody should buy a duplicate number and harm your loved ones.
  4. The responsibility of KBC is to tell you of all possible dangers, and it’s your responsibility to be alert for KBC’s fake calls. Thank you.

KBC has established a brand new info helpline center. It will assist all KBC prospects in the future and also for the KBC Lottery game 2021. Now you may test your lottery online and stay safe from fake calls (Your protection is our priority). If you have no idea how to check the lottery, call the lottery info center and get your lottery number, and test online by yourself.

KBC lottery winners 2021 list worth Rs 25 lakh Lucky draw winners:

KBC lottery winners
NameNumberCity NameWinning Amount
Yuvaan9234****37UTTAR PRADESH₹2500000
Januja6709****46 MUMBAI₹2500000

Note we send all lottery amounts by KBC digital app, and you pay 1% tax to your bank for successful payment.

Your Name is Not shown in the 25 lakh winners list:

your name is not in the winners list why
Dear Indians, If you have received a call from the KBC department that you are the KBC lottery winner and do not see your name in the list of KBC lottery winners, there could be some reasons for this.
  1. The first reason why you can’t see your name on the winners’ list is that you may be last month’s winner.
  2. Another reason could be that you have not yet called the KBC Head Office. Because your name cannot be added to the winning list unless you check your lottery by calling the KBC head office and tell your name to the KBC representative, your name will not appear in the winning list.
  3. And the last reason could be that you didn’t win the lottery, and the call you received was a fake call.

KBC Lottery Managers:

KBC Lottery Managers Photos

Akash Verma, Madam Anila, and Rana Pratap Singh are KBC Senior Manager Priti mam and Vijay Kumar Junior Managers.

We are live streaming on YouTube Instagram and Facebook apps every month.

The Next Big Thing On KBC Website:

Next big thing on kbc website

You play an online quiz game with KBC and win Paytm cash; on our complete blog, how you will play KBC online and win Paytm cash. Search on Google, read a blog, and win huge prize money up to ₹4500000 rupees to 1 crore.

Five KBC Official Website Tactics That Will Help You Win KBC Lottery In 2021.

Five KBC Official Website Tactics That Will Help You Win KBC Lottery In 2021
These are the five tactics that will change anyone's life.
  • The first Tip is that your mobile number should be one month old.
  • The second is to visit our website for lottery updates.
  • The third is to check your lottery on our website to get any calls or WhatsApp SMS.
  • Fourth, if you win the 25 lakh lottery, click on the WhatsApp button and contact to KBC support team.
  • 5th Tip: Call the Kbc helpline number and tell him you are a 25 lakh lottery winner. He Will Check And Guide You on How To Get Lottery In Your Bank Account.

How to Register In KBC five Important Steps for registration:

five Most Important Steps for registration
  1. Call on KBC helpline number +917411519535 (note WhatsApp call only).
  2. Tell the representative that you want to register in KBC.
  3. KBC representatives will get your information (an Aadhaar card or other thing for verification) for registration.
  4. Then you will deposit the registration fee through your branch.
  5. After depositing the payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS that you have registered with KBC.
Search for KBC Website register and Leave Your Money Related Tensions In The Dust. KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati, are you the next Millionaire (krorepati) of KBC. Leave your tensions now and register in the KBC lottery. 

The Upcoming News From November 2021 Is All You Need To Know On The KBC Official Website.

KBC news
  • KBC season 13 premiered on 23 Aug 2021 on Sony tv, SonyLIV App. Shaandaar Shukravaar (शानदार शुक्रवार) is the Friday special episode.
  • If you live in poverty and want to marry your daughter or sister, don’t worry, KBC will give you ₹500000 rupees for the marriage ceremony. KBC will launch it at the end of November.
  • Now you will mail us for any query. KBC email address is [email protected] & kaun banega [email protected]
  • KBC decided to increase the amount of the KBC lottery from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 60 lakh. If that happens, then it will be the first time in India’s history. We are not announcing it officially. If we expand the lottery amount, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will tell formally online and on Sonyliv and Sony max tv channels.
  • The KBC helpline number for overseas Indians is +447745262500, the international number, especially for overseas Indians.
  • No need to register for the KBC lottery; how? Now, in 2021, You do not need to register to participate in the KBC sim cards lucky draw. All Indian numbers connect with the KBC lucky draw 2021. You will be the winner of 25 lakh rupees.
So stay connected with KBC and be careful of fake lottery calls and SMS. (Note we send all lottery amounts by KBC digital app, and you pay 1% tax to your bank for successful payment.)

Some Words For Kaun Banega Crorepati Live Game Show:

Some Words For Kaun Banega Crorepati

KBC is a private network. KBC does not work on any tv channel other than Sony TV. Kaun Banega Crorepati, the show host, is a famous Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan.

It is a Reality-Based show which started in the year 2000. As soon as the KBC show started, the TRP of the Sony channel was touching the sky-high. Everyone wanted to be a part of the KBC show. Contestants can win Rs 7 crore by participating in Kaun Banega Crorepati. KBC asked 16 Questions to win 7 Crore, and for each question, KBC gave four options to candidates, from which one is the correct answer.

Here some questions are asked, some simple questions, for example.

How to make a cookie?

And some tough questions, for example.

How do sound waves work? We mentally test your knowledge. If you answer the question correctly, win prizes in the form of real money.

In Case You Don’t know the answer to this question, KBC gives you some lifelines to find the answer to your question. KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show is known as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan (Big B). Sharukh Khan couldn’t proceed with the show successfully as compared with Amitabh.

KBC official website number:

For technical support or any lottery issue the official number of the KBC website is the same number as KBC head office +917411519535. You will also get here lottery tickets and registration in KBC lottery. You can call KBC using any Indian sim cards Airtel, Vodafone you just need to create WhatsApp on it.

Dear customers If you want to check KBC India winners lists click on list to check:

Airtel KBC Lottery Winners
KBC Lottery winner 2021 25 lakh
JIO lottery winners
WhatsApp lottery winners

Frequently ask Questions (FAQs):

Frequently ask Questions

Is there any KBC lucky draw If yes, tell me about it?

Yes, there is a lucky draw every day, and I got to know that but not 100% true because the KBC team will declare it, and they also said that we couldn’t win every day, and the winning chances are meager.
But for today’s draw, I cannot see any result, so it means you have less chance of winning.

They are new promotion on KBC of 5 lakhs per week for 6 weeks. You can get how many times you want to try your luck for this lucky draw. I don’t believe in these lucky draws, but there is no harm in trying our luck, so follow the below steps carefully1) Type your number and send it to +917411519535 WhatsApp.
2) Then, you will get an SMS that you have registered for the lucky draw and give you your lottery number
3) Next week, type your mobile number and lottery number and check your lottery. You can do this weekly five times.

Who wins the KBC lottery?

Anyone 18 years of age or older and holder of Indian nationality Aadhar card And the SIM on which he won the cash prize must be registered in his name can Win KBC lottery prize.

How do the winners know about their lottery?

The KBC representative calls the winners on their winning numbers, tells them that they are KBC 25 lakh lottery winners, and tells them their lottery numbers so that the winner can check their lottery, and they are asked to call KBC to check their lottery. Ask to go to the official website.

Which documents are required for verification?

The participant wants a complete of 4 latest passport-sized pictures(Colored)
Candidates wish to, any valid proofs like Pancard, birth certificates, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, Aadhar Card, and so on To identify and address verification. 
You can use any paperwork like Landline invoice/Electric invoice, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, UID, or CBC Aadhar cards for address proof.

Get In Touch

get in touch with kbc

Get ₹2500000 rupees Hand By Hand. KBC Game Show has dreamed of each Indian. So why are you waiting for me? Join the KBC lottery winner.

Call KBC head office WhatsApp number and win the cash prize of ₹2500000 rupees. Would you please read KBC official website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages? Have Any Questions About KBC? Contact Us! (note that our website is not using any web cookies).

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