All India Sim Card WhatsApp IMO Lucky Draw 2022

All India Sim Card WhatsApp IMO Lucky Draw 2022

Hi, today’s topic is about KBC all India sim card WhatsApp IMO 25 lakh lucky draw in 2022.

Please check your KBC Jio lottery on the KBC lottery database before doing any activity.

With the help of Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, KBC took out 5000 sim card lucky draw competition 2022 on WhatsApp, and IMO numbers with some random numbers won a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh INR. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY WEBSITE, LINK, OR NUMBER PROVIDED BY ANY UNKNOWN PERSONS UNLESS YOU CONFIRM YOUR LOTTERY BY CALLING KBC’S OFFICIAL HELPLINE NUMBER +19188886064.

All India sim card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw 2022 winners list:

whatsapp imo lucky draw winners list

KBC lucky draw is done a month thrice on all sim cards in which twice lucky draw is done on WhatsApp number and once on IMO number so please keep recharging your sim card and increase your chance of winning.

WhatsApp lucky draw winners:

NO.#Mobile NoWinning AmountLottery No
1+91677864—- ₹2500000100900
2+91637483—- ₹2500000 0922
3+91786666—- ₹2500000 21311
4+91978734—- ₹2500000 222
5+91926676—- ₹2500000 654
6+91886737—- ₹2500000 86534
7+91727647—- ₹2500000 5499
8+91926367—- ₹2500000 72528
9+91977863—- ₹2500000 628287
10+91688778—- ₹2500000 766
11+91877763—- ₹2500000 7869
12+91897797—- ₹2500000 8272
13+91889779—- ₹2500000 726666
14+91689777—- ₹2500000 9200
15+91788967—- ₹2500000 82373

IMO lucky draw winners

NO.#Mobile NoWinning AmountLottery No
1+91799797—- ₹2500000 73838
2+91987767—- ₹2500000 10997
3+91946567—- ₹2500000 9000008
4+91897748—- ₹2500000 733
5+91799873—- ₹2500000 72638
6+91879691—- ₹2500000 2635
7+91746362—- ₹2500000 53219
8+91746846—- ₹2500000 5365
9+91866555—- ₹2500000 5216126
10+91647684—- ₹2500000 512713
To Abhee Mobile Uthaen call Lagaen KBC 25 lakh lottery Jeet kar amitabh bachan g sa milna ka Mauka Paen.

All India sim card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw real or fake:

All India sim card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw real or fake

WhatsApp IMO lucky draw is accurate, but for the believers. But most Indians don’t think that the KBC Lucky Draw Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC lottery is made for the poor people who live in the pivot line. Not for those who don’t need this lottery.

So KBC does not give a lottery to the person who is already rich. That people ask KBC WhatsApp lottery, and IMO lottery is not real it is fake. So do not believe the lucky draw is 100% real.

The lucky draw of KBC is conducted every month. If you don’t win the lottery this month, your number is automatically entered in the next month. KBC announces the name and mobile number of the winner on the official website of KBC. The winner’s prize money is Rs 25 lakh, so regularly contact KBC and visit the KBC website.

You do not see your name in the KBC IMO WhatsApp winners List, then click here.

Check your KBC lottery online.

Please Be Careful from KBC 25 lakh lottery fake calls and WhatsApp messages.

Please Be Careful from KBC 25 lakh lottery fake calls and WhatsApp messages

KBC doesn’t call on any KBC winner (especially on WhatsApp). If anyone receives calls in the name of the KBC lottery from unknown phone numbers, please search the KBC official website, check the domain name, call on the KBC helpline number, and Contact to KBC head office.

User, if you get WhatsApp to call from an unknown number, please be careful it may fraud with you KBC head office number to check lottery it is +91 so please make yourself clear that you have been called from this number Or any other number thanks.

Considering the popularity of the KBC game show, fake calls come through Pakistan numbers, and our innocent Indians are being cheated, so if you also got a call from plus +923, then please complain to KBC and block that number Give. Thank you.

Call KBC head office number Mumbai. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

How you can check your WhatsApp IMO lottery:

You can check your IMO WhatsApp lottery by entering the below given KBC database. If you don’t know your lottery number, then you can get your lottery number by calling cubs head office number +19188886064

how to enter KBC all India sim card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw

To participate in KBC WhatsApp IMO lucky draw, you need to install WhatsApp, or IMO your mobile number will be automatically added to the 25 lakhs WhatsApp IMO lucky draw. If you already install WhatsApp or IMO, take patience; your number is already in India’s sim cards. WhatsApp IMO lucky draw. If any query call KBC. If any query call on KBC head office.

Winning customers who win the lottery how to contact KBC and get the lottery:

Winning customers who win the lottery how to contact KBC and get the lottery

Customers who won KBC 25 lakh lottery first click on the WhatsApp logo and call the KBC customer care number for his winning number. Tell KBC officer I am the winner of KBC all India sim card WhatsApp or IMO lucky draw lottery contest.

KBC WhatsApp Imo Lottery India’s Most Popular Lottery Prize Stubborn Because It’s Our Country’s Most Popular Means In Which You Can Win ₹2500000 Sitting At Home.

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